Sunday, February 21, 2010

Disney here we come!!!!

July 7 can't come fast enough!!!! My friend Danielle is flying out to CA from MI July 7-13. She bought her ticket a couple weeks ago. I have been sooooo excited about her coming to visit. We have been planning all the adventures we are going on during her visit. I have taken the time off work. First we planned to go to San Francisco, Jelly Belly, Sacramento and numerous other places. One day Danielle calls to tell me about Give a Day Get a Date from Disney. She asked how far Disney was from me etc. We found out we could go to Disney for FREE! Well we all know it isn't free after we spend $10.95 on a bottle of water, but our entry would be free.

Danielle bought fleece and made 2 blankets to donate. She dropped the blankets off this weekend. I received my email from Disney letting me know my free ticket is on it's way! Woooo hoooooo!!!! Art told us we are cheating because we didn't volunteer our time. Actually Danielle did volunteer her time making those blankets.

Now our schedule has changed some. Danielle arrives Wednesday night, we will get in a car Thursday morning around 6am and drive to LA. Then we will drive home on Friday. Friday I will show her Rodeo Dr and the Hollywood sign. Danielle is hoping she bumps into that Twilight dude and he is smacked with love at first sight! Then we will be planning a HOLLYWOOD wedding! Saturday we will probably head to Jelly Belly, Sunday we will be resting after church, Monday tour San Francisco and Tuesday she heads home. Oh let's not forget we will have to fit 100 scrabble games in there too!!!! Danielle and I LOVE to play scrabble.....we taunt each other with mean comments for weeks before we see each other. Letting the other know how they will be losing etc. I wish I had some of the voicemails saved from previous years....we left each other some GREAT messages!

I think by the time Tuesday comes we will both be extremely exhausted, but worth all the 100's of wonderful memories we jammed into 5 days.


mamakrystal said...

Sweet, and you'll have to fit me in for lunch because Disneyland is down the street from my house! lol