Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fried Chicken

Last night I made fried chicken for dinner. I think this is the first time in about 15+ yrs I have made fried chicken. It turned out ok. It needed more flavoring. My friend Krystal always photographs her dinners, so I thought I would be like Krystal today. :) Krystal always has the best recipes and is a FABULOUS cook!!!! Everything she mades me amazing!

The first time I went to Krystal's house for dinner she made a salad with olive oil and balasmic vinegar. I was nervous about this salad because I seriously don't like vinegar. I have officially given up my ranch dressing and only use oil & vinegar. Everything goes better with a little kosher salt too. I now always use kosher salt when cooking. These are a couple things I have picked up from Chef Krystal!

Check out Krystal's blog for some yummy recipes. I am going to make her cuban pork chops this week. The mojo sauce you put on top compliments the pork chops unbelievable!

Those are homemade mash potatoes. They are NOT instant! I hate instant potatoes! They were super yummy!