Thursday, February 4, 2010

Orange Shower Curtain

The above picture is from a nestie bathroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this orange shower curtain. Do you think I can find it anywhere...NOPE!!!!! I am not a big fan of orange until I saw this bathroom. Now all I can think about it decorating our bathroom at a "potential" new house in ORANGE!!!!!
When Lacey was little she is use to LOVE orange. She always wanted to wear orange clothes, only drink orange "pop" (soda) and had an orange cat. I dont even think she remembers her orange obsession. I thought about making an orange shower curtain, but I think I would have to make it in panels. PLUS it would cost too much.
Kmart has the below shower curtain however the fabric is peva. I am not sure I am fan of peva. The Kmart shower curtain is only $10 bucks. I would have to order it because there isn't a Kmart close to where I live.


msrobinator said...

This looks like the shower curtain you were after. Unfortunately, they do not sell it anymore. Did you find a good alternative?