Friday, March 26, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

The first 2 pictures are the color blue I am thinking about when I saw a blue bathroom. I am VERY much over the dusty blue color. I lived in the 80's-90's where our ENTIRE house was dusty blue.

I do like the below blue color. It's very cheery. Reminds me of a summer day!

Even though the below picture looks dusty blue I kind of like it. I think I like all the white.

Can you IMAGINE getting ready in the 2 bathrooms below? How would you be able to see straight after this mess?!?!?! Hey's a NAVY bathroom. =)

I thought I was always against dark colored bathrooms until the past 6 months. I stayed at my friend Krystal's house and she has her guest bathroom painted chocolate brown. I was getting ready in there one morning and I realized I loved the darker bathrooms. I was always worried my make up would be too dark or it would closed in. Not at all.


CK said...

Do you know what the name of the color is in the second photo