Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As a child when my mother would give me Dimetapp instead of it knocking me out and my mother getting some rest the opposite happened. I would go tearing around the house with tons of energy, but sick. Mother thinking oh she will sleep good WIDE AWAKE!!!

Well you think I would take a note of these things.....oh no. I am now 29...Yes, it's a sad year I am 29! Well I had a GREAT idea I would take dimetapp to help my lovely cold/allergies whatever this ruckus that is going on with me and sleep very well last night. 2 tablespoons later....
Art - Dear what is wrong with you?
Me - nothing why?
Art - you are talking 100 MPH and you won't stop moving all over the bed.
Me - laughing hysterically...oh no I shouldn't have taken Dimetapp I will be up all night...more laughter.

My wonderful husband doesn't find the humor in this at 10:30 at night. Finally around 11:30 I get up and go to the couch. I had flip around every which way on the bed. Went to the couch and finally fell asleep. Art claims he came to get me around 1:30am. Kicked me in the bootie and off to bed I went with him. He claims my bootie was sticking off the couch and I had my knee shoved in the couch. He is probably telling the truth....I am not the best person to sleep with.....unless you have shared a bed with Lacey. OH MY LORD......she goes to sleep in one direction and wakes up on the opposite end of the bed. Or you are waken up to her trying to lay right on top of you. those are stories for another day.


lacey said...

hahahah i really did LOL at this one