Friday, March 5, 2010

Watch Out!

Watch out kids Kim Fischer is back in town!!!! My parents moved back to our home town in ND.
Tonight my mom called to fill me on the latest ruckus! My grandma works at a second hand store that is run by a board of directors Senior Citizen Center. She has been working there for about 10 yrs.

Grandma shared with me a couple weeks ago this new RUDE woman running the show has been mean to her. She use to leave kleenex all over the store blaming my grandma. Then she was saying rude mean things to my grandma. She said people were complaining my grandma wasn't giving the right change & she wasn't allowed near the register. She would call my grandma up sometimes saying mean things.

Today this RUDE woman was being mean to my grandma again & told her she had to leave the store. Then she PUSH grandma. My mom happened to call grandma tonight & heard what happened.

Well don't mess with Kim Fischer's called 6 out of the 7 board members. The 7th board member is out of town for the winter. She said this RUDE woman needs to be removed from the position or the authorities will be called. My grandma is 80 yrs old. What if she had lost her footing & fell? My grandma won't hurt a fly. She gets very upset if someone kills a fly & it doesn't die immediately. She doesn't want anyone to suffer.

Well my mother scared these people and they are having a special meeting tomorrow to discuss this issue. I'm so glad my mom took a stand against this RUDE woman!!!!