Thursday, March 4, 2010

I have been reading Sarah Palin book Going Rogue: An American Life. I have liked Sarah Palin since I heard her VP speech. As time went on I just liked her more and more. She reminds me of my mom. 20+ years ago my mom was just like Sarah lobbying for different bills at the North Dakota State Capital. My mom drug us kids with her from the time we were very little lobbying for what she believed in. In my early teens I could tell you who every senator and representative was from each county, if they were Democrat or Republican, and the majority of each committees they sat on.

It has been almost one year ago I left my former employer. I thought by walking away the problems would go away. Needless to say I have dealt with plenty of nonsense in the past year. I read a quote that hit home to me. Yes, I am not in politics, but I feel the past 8 years was all about politics. The quote is "In politics, you're either eating well or sleeping well". I can say in the past year I have been sleeping well!

I feel since moving to CA I haven't really talked about politics. I live in one of the more liberal states. If you aren't liberal here then you are a joke. I disagree! I am a conservative and I love being a Republican. I have voted as a Republican for the past 11 years.

I love politics! Although I don't know that I could deal with all the nonsense that goes along with a position in a public office. When I was a little girl one of my goals was to a representative or senator for ND state capital. I think I will have to pass just due to all the snow!