Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think I am STILL recovering from our world wind California trip! I was WORN out by the time Tuesday arrived. Here is how our trip actually went down!

Thur - went to Disney. Picked up my Danielle at 12:30am went home slept till 5, got up got ready and out the door by 6am. We drove drove 6 hours to LA. We went to Disney from noon-6pm. Checked into our hotel around 6pm, grabbed some dinner, took an hour nap and headed back to Disney. We stayed at Disney until around 10:30pm. Went to the hotel and crasked.

Fri - went to Hollywood, Rodeo Dr & Sprinkles Cupcakes. On the way home one of Danielle's sister called saying she wanted Sprinkles too. There is a Sprinkles near where I live. We took a detour and headed to Sprinkles to buy more. They are AMAZING!!!! This was my first trip to Sprinkles. I will be heading back. YUMMMMYYYYYY!!!

Sat - went to Jelly Belly factory. Spent the rest of the day laying around. Or tried too. I had a note on my door when we got home from the local police dept saying they had property that belonged to me. I called them & the police officer came out. Art thought he locked my car door. Turns out he didn't. Someone opened the passanger door went through the glove box & center console. Stole my registration & insurance paper binder. They realized they didn't get anything worth money so they set it down on a neighbors car. The neighbor found it & called the police thinking someone stole a car. Police made a report and asked us to keep an eye out. I was freaking out! I told Art that's it let's sell the house. Art tried to call me down saying it could have happened anywhere. Everything is staying locked up like Ft. Knox now!

Sun - went to church, BBQ with the inlaws & then went to visit my uncle

Mon - went to Alcatraz & tour SF.

Tue - woke up around 3:30am to take Danielle to the airport. Went home slept an hour and headed to work.

Here are some pictures from our Disney adventures.

The above picture is Goofy running around....we saw him and he was on fast forward running to get away while he waved.


Me inside Mickey's house by the chicken coop.

As soon as we walked into the park we saw Mickey. I have never seen Mickey so much as I did during this trip. We could get pictures with him CONSTANTLY. No long lines. It was craziness.
Picture with Mickey in his house

Danielle & I going on the "Small World" ride

Getting ready to head into Buzz Light Year! My FAVORITE ride!!!!!

Trying out Mickey's chair inside his house