Monday, July 5, 2010

Famous Swimsuit!

My mom sent me an email to let me know she had mailed a package. I was sooo excited! I LOVE packages. I came home and it was sitting on the table. I opened the box and inside was another box wrapped in spiderman paper. I took it back to the bedroom to open it with Art. Inside I found the adorable "P" napkins, 2 red All American Town Beulah, North Dakota tshirts and this LOVELY ruffled swimsuit. Art and I just busted up laughing!

This swimsuit has become quit famous over the past year or two. My mom mailed this thing to me to see if I wanted it about a yr or two ago. I called her and said have you ever seen me wear something like this? Ummm no thanks. I held on to it why I am not sure. Art had a great idea and wrapped it up for my mom for Christmas. We told her she had to take it back home because it was a gift.

When my parents left at Christmas we found the swimsuit hanging in the closet. I couldn't believe she left the gift her darling son in law gave her for had to be an accident. When we finally got around to mailing the last of the family's Christmas boxes in April we threw the swimsuit in. I received a phone call as soon as the package arrived with my parents laughing.

I think we might have to mail something to Beulah. =)


Maria said...

LOL !!!! Denis Family does the same thing only with a UgLy hat !!! :-)) It gets passed around and things get sown in it and a UgLy sweatshirt too and who ever gets it signs the sweatshirt , then gives it for the next birthday ! one year someone sewed a thong to the sweat shirt it was hilarious !!! :-)) I love funny stuff like this ! it just screams family!!!! and I love it ! Maria