Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worldwind Vacation

On January 19 my friend Danielle purchased a plane ticket from MI to CA for July 7-13. The day she bought her ticket we started counting down the days until her arrival and making plans. 175 days!!!! We would text each other daily with the count down. When we went into the double digits we called each other screaming!!!! Single digits was a whole day of celebration!!!! Now we are at DAY 1!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how excited we both are.

We have a JAM packed vacation ahead of us. Here is our itinerary. As you will see sleep is NOT on the list.

Danielle leaves MI and flies to CA
7:00pm - Becky picks up rental car
7:55pm - Danielle Arrives at Airport
8:30pm - Becky picks up Danielle
8:45pm - On the Road to In n Out
9:00pm - On the Road to LA!

1:00am - Hopefully arrive at hotel
6:30am - get up and get ready
7:00am - be on the road
10:00am - arrive at Disney
4:00pm - check into hotel & nap
6:00pm - head back to Disney

Midnight - head to hotel
7:00am - alarm goes off
8:00am - hit the road, stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes, Rodeo Drive, fly past the Hollywood sign
11:00am - hit the road for home
7:00pm - return rental car
8:00pm - pull out SUPER Scrabble

Midnight - off to bed
8:00am - wake up, bring me 10 cups of coffee
9:00am - head to Jelly Belly
1:00pm - head home
2:00pm - pull out SUPER Scrabble
The rest of Saturday will be LOTS of games!!! Skip Bo, Dutch Blitz, Scrabble, and whatever else we can find. One of our favorite games we use to LOVE was Life. We were guarnateed a husband. LOL

10:00am - Church
2:30pm - BBQ with the in laws
6:30pm - Church
8:00pm - ice cream with the uncle
9:30pm - pull out SUPER Scrabble

8:00am - leave for San Francisco
9:30am - check in for Alcatraz tickets
10:00-12:00 - visit Alcatraz
12:30pm - eat and head back
2:30pm - pull out SUPER Scrabble

See kids we won't have time for much sleeping. I think we should average about 5 hours a night or naps in between scrabble turns! Pictures and stories to come of our adventures!!!!