Friday, July 2, 2010

My Fausha!

I have to share a story about my dad aka Fausha. People who don't know my dad might not find this funny, but if you know him you will get this humor.

I called my dad the other night. I was feeling a little blue and needed some laughs. 90% of the time I end up laughing hysterically at him. This night was no different...I laughed so hard I was crying. We were chit chatting and out of the blue my dad says HEY we pulled out the water you want it? WHAT? You still have the water bed? Now I didn't even know my parents had kept their water bed from the past 15+ yrs. The fact they stored it in the basement during the move to Michigan for 10 yrs. He asked me if I wanted it for our spare room and if so he should ship it to my house. LOL

I do NOT want a 1985 water bed...or any water bed for that matter. Dad informed me it was still in great shape. Thanks Dad but we already have a bed in our spare room. I asked dad why he didn't want to keep the water bed? Dad LOVED the fact the bed had a thermostat and could heat it up past 80. He would turn the heat up so high that my mom swore the water was boiling. There was mom in summer pjs in the middle of a North Dakota winter laying on top of the blankets. You would see my dad covered up with 2-3 quilts with a big smile on his face. LOL

I then start talking to my mom. Dad forgot to mention the best part of the story. The water bed was sitting on the front yard! I was laughing so hard I was crying. Art actually came and shut the bedroom door at this point because he couldn't hear the tv. Dad informed mom he would be keeping EVERY part of the water bed. The wood frame he could use for scrap wood. He also was going to save the liner to cover things up. Leave it up to my dad to use every single piece!

Mom was a little worried the water bed would still be on the front yard for the 4th of July party on Sunday. I received a text message last night stating the water bed has LEFT the front yard.


Maria said...

I love it !!! :-)) LOL