Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We had a wild night with our little man. He came home from Nana's daycare SUPER hyper. I called MIL to see if she had fed him candy all day. lol He then ran around the house like a crazy man for over an hour and a half. Then he got TOO hyper and started snapping. Art picked him up and put him in the bathroom for about 2 minutes. You would have thought Art screamed at him or hit him. He pouted for over an hour. He would only lay on me and wouldn't look at Art. Art sat next to him and he wouldn't look at him or touch him. Art picked him up and he came running to me. lol A piece of a hotdog fixed his pouting and he was Art's buddy again. Art said that Sam pouts like me. lol

He is trying to rest up a few minutes to go crazy.
Ready to go chase after the ball some more! He runs in the house, out the door, around the yard, back in the house etc.
Sam likes to run around the house chasing flies and eating them. Today at Nana's he chased a fly around the kitchen for about 10 minutes. He went whining into his crate because he didn't catch the fly. lol
This dog is like having a little toddler. He is keeping us on our toes and making us smile all the time.