Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Every day I receive a text from Art with the number of days left until I turn the BIG THREE ZERO. I have been a little annoyed by this count down because I don't want to leave my 20's. I decided the other day I am going to STOP dreading the big birthday that is coming because there is NOTHING I can do about it. It's coming no matter if I cry, kick or scream. I came to decision while I was walking past the daycare by work and a kid threw himself on the ground crying. I just started laughing.

I googled some celeb's who were born in 1980 and also turned 30 in 2010. I was born in a year with some great looking people. In another 20 days I entered into my 30's.......

Elin Nordegren

Vanessa Minnillo

Kim Kardashian

Christina Aguilera

Jessica Simpson

Ryan Gosling

Jake Gyllenhaal


Lil' Woman said...

Those def. are some hotties....embrace it girl! :)