Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bed & Breakfast

On Saturday, Art and I headed up to Sutter Creek to enjoy our weekend away at a bed and breakfast.  We booked a room at Hanford House.  My wonderful friends bought us a gift card to a B&B.  It was exactly what we needed.

We left the house early on Saturday and headed to Sutter Creek.  On the way up to Sutter Creek we stopped in Lockeford to get some yummy meat at Lockeford Meat. I love this place! They make all their own sausage! Growing up we always made our own sausage.  There is nothing better than fresh homemade sausage!

Then we headed straight to Sutter Creek!  We walk around through all the shops.  I found a few treasures.  The town doesn't wake up until around 11am on Saturday. We had went through every shop by 1pm. Art suggested we run over to Jackson Rancheria to do a little gambling. That was the fastest trip in and out of a casino ever!  We walked in the place was filled with smoke, we dropped some money into a couple machines. I wandered around and came back to Art just as he was cashing out. He had won $65 bucks.  He said hurry lets cash out and get out of here. lol

Then it was time to head to our room. I couldn't wait!!!! I was soooo excited to get to our room and relax.
We checked in and then relaxed in the room.  Later we went to cocktail hour at the B&B and then headed to dinner. After dinner we came back and relaxed in the hot tub.  I told Art we need to get a hot tub for our backyard. It was sooooo relaxing!

Behind our room was a chicken coop. The B&B collects the eggs and uses them for breakfast. mmmmmm

Inside the Inn where they serve breakfast people have been signing the walls since 1985. All guests are encouraged to sign the walls. I found a little spot and signed our names with the date.

Breakfast was DELISH! Fruit with chicken mozzarella sausage

Eggs Benedict....my VERY favorite!

Us relaxing before we headed out. I LOVE this B&B!!!! I hope we can go back one day! It was so relaxing.


Krystal said...

Awesome pics!! I especially love that you are wearing your new jacket!! You hottie!!! What an amazing little B&B, and a wonderful weekend to enjoy away!!

WARRIOR8708 said...

Yes thank you every one for the gift card it is just what becky needed. She would not stop saying how great the bed was. and how relaxed she felt.

Lil' Woman said...

That rooms is amazing!!