Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'll Be Home for Christmas

A couple weeks ago I found Christmas music on my ipod. I LOVE Christmas music!!!! I think we should play it all year! When the radio station starts playing it all day it is the happiest day!!!

I'll be home for Christmas started playing at first I was a little sad because Christmas just isn't the same when I'm not home with my family! Then I realized I WILL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR!!!! I almost started dancing right there on the Bart train!

The last time I was home for Christmas was 2005. The first year I wasn't home for Christmas was 2006. I decided to stay in CA and spend Christmas with my boyfriend and 2007 & 2008 we went to my parents for Thanksgiving.  My parents and sister came to visit for 2008-2010 for Christmas.

Even though they came to visit it isn't the same! I don't have the childhood stockings or our childhood ornaments. My parents house looks like a snowman threw up. Snowmen EVERYWHERE!!!!

I'm soooo excited to spend 10 days with them! Christmas Eve we will eat homemade pizza for lunch. This has been a tradition forever with just our immediate family! Christmas Eve we use to go to my dads mom & eat the big dinner.  Opening presents is done in age order one by one! That way everyone knows what everyone received.

This year we might not follow all the traditions. We will have pizza on Christmas Eve. Mom and I will cook a big meal on Christmas Day. I will try to stay inside the house as much as possible with some tea. I try to avoid the cold in ND. I plan to try to convince my dad to pick me up by the door and drop me off next to a door to avoid the cold. I will pack snacks to bribe him! Dad is always asking for snicky snacks.
Every couple days I send my mom & sister a text with the count down! Part of the entire excitement is the countdown & the anticipation of seeing my family!

Only 26 More Days!!!!


Lil' Woman said...

I love being home for Christmas :) I loved FL but its nice to be surrounded by family.

Crazy Town ND said...

We are so excited too!!! And Art says 5 nativity sets!!!

graciepie said...

Count down is totes the best part!!! Snicky snacks lol