Monday, November 21, 2011

Menu Monday

What is on your menu for this week?  I don't really have a menu planned except for Thanksgiving Day.  I will be cooking the whole Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  We will eat leftovers for 2-3 days following. Mmmmmm I love Thanksgiving!

I am going to make a pumpkin chili on Sunday or Monday. I have had this recipe from a friend for over a year and I am just getting around to making it. I will share the recipe later with everyone.

We have different things in our cupboard & freezer we need to clear out. Every year after my mom makes a turkey for Thanksgiving she then makes turkey noodle soup.  I might keep her tradition and make turkey noodle soup.  Mom boils the leftover turkey for a few hours for all the meat to fall off the bones. She makes the turkey noodle soup just like chicken noodle soup.  I might freeze some in case someone gets sick this winter.