Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ginger Bread House

a few years back Lacey and I started making a ginger bread house. we buy the premade houses with all the decorations at either target or walmart. this year it was on our list of things to buy the day we arrived in north dakota. that evening we all gathered around the table to decorate our ginger bread house. somehow the guys never stick around too long. maybe it is because we are very particular on how we want it decorated and we don't let anyone else put things on the house.  it isn't that we are bossy we are just particular and want our house to look a certain way!!!

Lacey & Cliff getting ready to start decorating
 Fausha just watching us. He closes his eyes to avoid the flash. lol
 Lacey was NOT happy because the fondant was stuck to the rolling pin. this is the first year fondant was included with the kit.

 Mausha getting the icing ready.
 I am not sure what this picture is all about or what exactly I was holding.
 YAY house decorating!
 Lacey & I gave the icing job to the professional cake decorator!

Cliff & Mable hanging out on the couch.

 Art & Mable
 Decorated house....we did allow Cliff to make the chimney

How awful is it that this is the only picture I got of the house! UGH! I should have taken pictures of the house from every direction. It was actually a really good house this year. Until next year.....


Crazy Town ND said...

It was fun but...I bloggeda bout it first!!! BAHAA! Mom!!