Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Did you make any new year resolutions for 2012?

Did you make resolutions in 2011 and did you complete them?

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish. Unfortunately I made the list of my cell phone and it crashed. I am going from my memory of what I think was on the list. I do know I completed the majority of the list.

2011 List

1. Work out
2. Eat well
3. Finish reading all the books I started reading
4. Learn how to use my serger
5. Work on my marriage
6. Pay off debt

Well I accomplished everything except learning how to use my serger. I still haven't used it.
I decided the books that I hadn't completed I wasn't going too. Evidently those books are boring, so why torture myself?

2012 list

1. Lose 30 pounds
2. Tone my body
3. Learn to use my serger
4. Live life a little simplier
5. Work on not stressing over everything
6. Run a 5K

Art and I are going to make a list this week of home improvements we want to accomplish in 2012. We have numerous projects we have started, but haven't finished. This is the year to get those projects completed.

What is on your list for 2012?


Maria said...

Hmmmm 2011 ! I had lots on my list and I actually did alot of them !!! Even if it did take me all year ! this year I am well on my way to making changes for a new life for myself ! I have been getting up early 5am ! Ughhh hate that ! But feel so much better after I walk 2 miles ! join WW ! check ! start eating healthy and take some time for ME ! I just dont do anything for myself and I think I need to ! Not to take away from my family I love doing things for them but I need to take care of me too ! Oh and I just put a deposit on a cruise for me and some of my girl friends ! Very excited about that ! And nervous cause I have never left my kids that long ! :-S