Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals/Resolutions

I seem to have a pattern where I post my resolutions on the 3rd of January. The past couple years I have had a short list. I completed some of my goals from 2012 and other have made their way back over to my 2013 list.

2013 comes with some goals along with a word - Finish. A lot of the things for 2013 are finishing things I have started in previous years. It is time to finish what I have started.  One of things I will not be working on finish is my goal to start a family. It is not on the agenda this year at all. My goal is to actually not get pregnant this year. My body physically and emotionally needs a major break. I went through a lot in 2012 and I just need a break!

2013 Goals
- my marriage is top priority this year
- to lose the last of the weight to reach 100 pounds
- finish school
- run 100 miles over the year
- run two 5K's
- start being more aware of my phone/internet time
- stop wasting time on celebrity gossip
Every year my marriage is on the list of things to improve and make stronger. This year though I want to put more effort into my marriage. Sometimes I feel we just float on by. We will be celebrating 5 years of marriage in 2012.
Last year I wanted to lose the last of the 30 pounds to reach 100 pounds lost. I lost 10 pounds and then just maintained my weight for the year. I really found a balance with keeping my weight under control. I was able to eat bad occasionally and worked out consistently. I was able to push my body to new levels fitness wise.
Finishing school is a BIG one to complete this year. My goal is to have it completed by June. I have 5 classes to complete to have my AA in marketing. I started going to college about 8-9 yrs ago and never finished my AA. I am going to really have to apply myself over the next 6 months to get excellent grades and finish by Summer.
Running 100 miles and running two 5K's go hand in hand. My goal is to run 2 miles each week. I ran one 5K last year and feel I want to push myself this year. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love to go faster than just speeding walking, but I hate running because how it sucked my breath away. I need to just get my endurance up and keep it consistent.
Well with school starting I will not have as much time to be on the internet so much. I just need to be more aware of the present life and not my internet life.
I think the last one explains itself.
Have you set any goals or made resolutions of what you want to accomplish in 2013?  I have learned one thing while looking at 2012 resolutions....I need to keep my goals in front of me all the time.


Crazy Town ND said...

WOW what a great 2013 for you!!! I am very proud of you!!! Mom

Maria said...

Hmmmm I want to be adventourous, I often let the fear of not taking a chance or failing stop me from even trying ! I want to have a just do it attitude (in a good way) this year . I want to loose 30 more pounds (I finished 2012 having lost 22 and maintaining ) , I want to make working out one of the top things I do each day. And I want to start making my own money as well as be a stay at home mom ( I know that will be a challange since I am 100% full time mom and my husband is 130% full time working man - which is NOT a bad a thing it just doesnt leave me any me time) , I want to work on my marriage - I is so easy to just be a Nanny and for him to just be the income - working on that and finding time to work on that is hard. I want to actually DO 1 pinterest project a week (learn to sew ) , and take a minute each day to just enjoy my kids instead of being a MOM constantly(pick up that, go do that, stop hitting him, put that back ect. ) Enjoy where I am in my life ... I know that I am NOT where I want to be (esp weightwise) but I am where I am today and nothing is gonna change that today so be happy today ! Oh and try to show someone Gods love . Not be words but actions !