Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Hair Routine

I had read Veronika's Blushing tutorial on how she does her hair and wanted to try it. A couple weeks ago I headed off to Sally's to buy velcro rollers, clips and a round brush. In the past I have not had good luck with rollers. They have gotten stuck in my hair or made my hair really frizzy

I learned you can't put the rollers in your hair when your hair is wet. That is why I had issues in the past with frizziness. You need to blow your hair dry really well, take a round brush to the areas you are going to put in the velcro rollers and then put the velcro rollers in your hair. I think I need to buy some smaller rollers for the top of my hair, so my hair curls more. 

I followed the tutorial to a T the first time. The results were GREAT! I actually love it more on the second day. The second day I brush my hair out and curl the ends. The volume is amazing! 

Day 1 - Round 1

Day 2

Day 1 - round 2 

I am wearing a new lipstick from Mary Kay. I forgot that Mary Kay lipstick is my very favorite. 

I really love the results and plan to do this every 3-4 days. I am still trying to go at least 3 days before washing my hair. Baby powder is the best dry shampoo. Suave dry shampoo is great, but baby powder works just as well. I go through a bottle of dry shampoo every 2 weeks. I have a very small bottle of baby powder I have had for months. It is just cheaper and easier to use.