Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bart Strike

Well the Bart strike happened. I was convinced it wouldn't happen. my opinion changed on Saturday when I heard the union side walked away from the bargaining table. The deadline for the new contract was the end of the day Sunday. 

I negotiated my first union contract this year, so as a pro I find the union actions unacceptable!  You do not walk away in the middle of negotiations. Around 400,000 people take Bart every day. Now these people are forced to find other ways to work. 

I took the Ferry bright & early this morning. I was out of bed at 430 arriving at the Ferry at 530am.  I was worried the parking lot would be packed. I parked in the front row. There were around 40-50 people in line and another 40 people got on the ferry once I was on. 

I am not looking forward to a 4:30 wake up until Bart gets their acts together. 

People lined up for the Ferry. 

The news was interviewing! Where is my mom because she would have been in front of that camera!