Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Relay for Life!

In June Lacey lit a candle in my honor at a Relay for Life event. Very sweet of her! It made me cry to see all the pictures. 

It sounds funny to me when I refer to myself as a survivor. I guess I always thought of a survivor as someone who was on the brink of death and survived. I haven't been on the brink of death, gone through chemo or radiation. I just am doing what I have to do to make sure I have the best life. 

A few years back my mom organized a team for Relay for Life. I remember wondering what it was all about when she was doing it. I never got involved, but thought it was great she was helping others. My mom recently mailed me a Relay for Life tshirt she found from 2006. Lacey is now thinking about putting a team together for 2014.