Friday, July 19, 2013

Hurry up & wait!

Tuesday night became my new reality. I haven't admitted to myself that I REALLY have MTC. Deep down the reality of it hasn't sunk in except when I had certain conversations with my doctor. I believed  rhere was going to be a miracle and all the spots would be gone. In Febuary when I had my ct scan they found 7 spots on my lungs. Another person read the scan and said the last person had over read the scans. The spots could be blood vessels and that's what I believed for 5.5 months.

My hopes were up and I said lots of prayers this scan would be completely clear. I pushed the doctors to scan my body this round. We needed a baseline and I also didn't want anything missed. Turns out my gut was telling me to be proactive for a reason. 

I received a confirmation there are definately 7 spots on my lung and 1 spot on my liver. Other tissue they need to monitor too. The good news is my thyroid tissue is completely gone and no lymph nods in my neck. 

Constantly there are new plans. The newest plan is to have additional scans in 3 months. If anything grows or changes then I will have biopsies. Right now the spots are all so small it would almost be impossible to do a biopsy. 

I spent Tuesday night buried in bed, Wednesday was a haze and Thursday was back to normal. The truth is I have a rare cancer that grows very slowly. 

I feel lucky that I've found an oncologist that gets it. My conversations with him are very real & raw about an ugly disease. I have researched, harassed,  pushed and annoyed my doctors to make sure everyone is listening to me. I feel I have a good team assembled. Now my team has to stay up to par or I will start voting people right off lol. 


Hannah @ Just Call Me HaHa said...

Thinking of you!

Crazy Town ND said...

I am so proud of you and daily I pray bc who ever would have thought my daughter would have cancer??? Mom