Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happy Birthday George!

One year ago this little boy came into the world after 52 hours of labor. It was the longest 3 days of my life. Once he was born it was totally worth the past 3 days. The past year has been amazing! I would happily trade the prior 33 years of my life to relive the past year over again.

I LOVE watching George grow! I remember the first time he rolled over. It was sooooo exciting! Then he learned to scoot around, then crawl, pull himself up, sit, walk around furniture, eat, talk etc. It has all been so exciting!

Last night I put my 11 month old to bed for the last time. He will now be so many years for this point forward. I wanted it to be a cuddly all emotional bedtime....he had other plans. He was over tired, didn't want to sing our songs, and just wanted in his bed. lol Story of my life. He is so my child! He has a mind of his own, determined and stubborn.

I know George won't remember this time of his life, but I will cherish it forever! I remember being about 5 years old playing in my room with my dolls. I was sitting there thinking how I couldn't wait to have my own baby one day. That desire to be a mom was so strong in such a little girl. As I grew up the desire to be a mom only grew more and more.

Holding him in the hospital for the first day was a little strange. I couldn't believe he was mine. It didn't seem real. Then they told us he had to stay because of jaundice. I laid on the hospital bed with him next to me just crying. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to stay right beside him or something might happen to him. The whole jaundice thing is a distant memory now.


A couple hours old

George only wore 4 pairs of pants for the pictures. The first pair was a teeny tiny premie pair that he could wear until about 2 months old. Then he wore some pretend jeans that came with another outfit. Once he was able to fit into his Lucky or Gap jeans he wore those until the end. In the 11th month picture you can tell his pants got too short. Around 11 months he had a growth spurt and almost all his pants became too short. His Gap skinny jeans made it through from month 5-12. Gap clothes might seem a little their sales and look how long they last!

I have spent the past 4-5 months planning out G birthday. Looking at Pinterest for ideas and working on making things. We are one week away from the big party! I can't wait to share all the details.

Happy Birthday to my amazing son! I am so lucky to be your mom!