Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Healthier Weight Loss

Recently someone commented to me that they had read my blog about my weight loss. You know at times I completely forgot about the HCG diet. I knew once George was born I wouldn't be able to the HCG diet and nurse. I was concerned how I would get all the weight off.

Well the first 25 pounds came off early fast. I think within a month it was gone. That was great because I only put on 19 pounds while I was pregnant. After the holidays I decided it was time to get the extra weight I had gained prior to getting pregnant. I wanted all my clothes to fit again.

I joined a Facebook group. I had to eat 1/2 cup of fruit, 3 cups of veggies, exercise 30-45 minutes per day 5 days a week, no sugar, and a weekly challenge. I lost 20 pounds within 6 months. I have now lost an additional 10 pounds. I am now down 50 pounds in a year...having a baby helped get rid of some of that lol. I did it a lot safer and healthier this time around.

I also learned that my body can't handle sugar on a daily basis. When I have sugar on a daily basis I get really run down and weak. I noticed this change after I had my thyroid out. It was so strange. If I give up sugar I feel human again. I am glad I figured this out! Sugar is so addictive and harmful to our bodies on a regular basis.

I do allow myself 1 cheat day a week. It is usually on Sunday. I will go out to eat, have ice cream, M&M's or whatever else I am craving. This really helps me eat clean too. I don't feel deprived or that I can't ever eat things again. I just remind myself when Sunday comes I can have a treat.

My goal is to lose another 25 pounds. I would like to have 15 of it off before vacation, but we will see if my body cooperates. I have struggled with losing weight because of nursing. There were times I just had to eat food to keep my supply up. Now that I have cut back on nursing I have been exercising a lot more.

I also don't think of this as a diet. This is a lifestyle change. Yeah, I know what you are thinking....oh people talk about these life style changes all the time...blah blah. Seriously though for me it is because of my health. It is very important to me to be the healthiest I can possibly be for my family. I also want George to eat healthy and see us eat healthy. Hopefully he will make wise food choices.