Thursday, September 3, 2015

Almost a year old!

It's hard to believe one year ago today we went to the hospital to be induced. What a rookie I was that night!  I thought George would be here by the 4th.

I remember we were so excited!  Anxious most of the day. We got to the hospital to check in and they didn't have a room. WHAT!  We had this day scheduled for 3 weeks and had called ahead 4 hours before arriving. Well we were about to find out why there wasn't a room. 

Labor & delivery at my hospital was a revolving door. I sat there for 3 days or in labor for about 52 hours. Arrived Wednesday at 7pm and left Saturday around 5:30am to go to a regular room lol. I might have set a record there.

Inductions are no joke. Something I didn't want and something I hope doesn't happen again. 

I remember looking at that little bed thinking OMG that's for us!  My dreams are about to become a reality. This is still a favorite picture. The anticipation of waiting for my little miracle! 

I didn't give up faith that we would have a baby. I knew one day it would happen. Being determined can be a good thing. 

In a couple days we will celebrate George first birthday!  I can't believe he is one, but on the other hand I can. It's been an amazing year. Lots of laughter!  I love the little personality coming out. Last night I was laying on my bed and he was crawling around the room. He got to the door, turned around, smiles super big and waved. Then he proceeded to open the hall closet to just look inside. 

Motherhood is one of best things in the entire world!!!  I just love being a mom!  There are moment it's hard, but to me totally worth it!