Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday George!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my amazing little boy! 

I have been able to spend about the past 6 months as a stay at home mom with G. It has been a change for both of us. I was use to going to work and G was use to going to day care. It took us a little bit to get use to staying home, but we have loved it! Our days at home, in pjs, playing and doing things around the house are our favorites. We try to go do some fun things each week. We like to go to the library for story time or fun toddler places. 

I love being there as G learns new things. He is starting to talk so much more. At times I just can't believe how smart he is. He is at the age now where I can tell him he has to do something before he gets what he wants. Pick up your toys if you want to watch that show. He picks them up. I love when he tells me he wants ice - that means he needs a drink of water. 

Instead of giving G a bunch of gifts we decided to take him Fairyland in Oakland and make some memories. We bought him a couple little things. He has everything he could ever need. He LOVED Fairyland. 

He wanted to eat his strawberries and wasn't into taking pictures. 

Fairyland has these boxes where you put a key in to play the fairytale. George LOVED this! He would ask for the key, so he could do it at each box. We listened to each box in English and Spanish. 

George calls all birds ducks. He had to touch this huge duck. 

We had to wait about 20 minutes to ride the train. As soon as he saw the train he kept asking to ride it. He waited very patiently for the 20 minutes until it was our turn. He didn't cry or whine once in line. As the train would come around he would wave and yell hi to all the people. 

He was done at this point. We were getting ready to leave. He was hungry and tired. He wasn't very into pictures. He wanted to have fun instead. I tried not to be a paparazzi taking a million pictures. We had so much fun. As we were walking around I felt so happy and blessed with my little family. I asked him if he had a great time and he shook his head yes.  

I can't wait to experience the next year with this little man. I love being his mommy!