Thursday, September 8, 2016

Traveling with a Toddler

I have traveled a lot with G alone on quick trips. I was a little nervous to make a 4+ hour flight alone. We had a 3 hour layover in the middle of the flight. I was mostly nervous how I would manage all of our stuff on and off the plane. I had a car seat, stroller, and 2 bags. I had plan to just take 1 bag on the way home, but G insisted we had to take his blankie. I shoved it in his little back pack to avoid getting it drug through the airport. Once we got off the plane he wanted me once my hands were free. 

It worked really good to just take one bag. The flight attendants and passengers were really nice about helping us too. I would wait until almost everyone got off the plane before I even attempted to get off. I had to wait for the stroller anyhow, so it made sense to just wait. 

Look who I ran into at the Bismarck airport! It's Josh!!!

Watching the planes! 

Playing with his farm animals. 

I pack a lot of new toys for G to play with on and off the plane. He loves opening new things to play with. On the way home I packed too much. He ended up sleeping for an entire flight. It worked out great! I think later flights are the best. Toys and snacks are the way to travel with a toddler. 

Just a little excited to go home to see Da Da! 

Here is my gypsy cart! It REALLY worked fabulous! For one person this works. The Bob stroller is a beast! It hauls everything so nicely. When I needed to push G I just set him in the car seat and away we would go. If he wanted to walk I set my bag in the car seat, so I could hold his hand. I was so glad I decided to take the Bob with us. It worked great on the farm too.