Monday, September 26, 2016

Menu Monday

I am back at trying to make my menu for 2 weeks. I mostly just need to buy enough meat for 2 weeks. Then I can get my veggies at the farmers market on Saturdays. I don't buy much else from the grocery store than occasional meat or condiments we might need. 

Next week Art is going to start doing Whole 30. I don't feel there is really any difference between that and Paleo. I am going to cook what I normally eat but double the amount. That way he can have the leftovers for work. 

This week we are having the following:

Orange Chicken Thighs and Broccoli
Roast made in the InstaPot with sauteed kale - I need to make a whole blog post on the Instapot. A-mazing!!!
Lamb Kebabs - whatever veggie is left in the house we will eat with this
Garlic Honey Broccoli and Cauli Rice