Thursday, September 29, 2016

My heart was stolen!

I love looking back at pictures of my little man! It is amazing to watch him grow. Each morning I look at TimeHop an app on my phone over the years social media postings. My favorites of the pictures from the past 2 years of George! At times it's funny to see what we were doing or just how much he has changed. 

6 months

1 year

14 months

19 months

2 years! 

What a little stud! This boy makes my heart so happy! 

We have entered the lovely two's! The other day was an epic day! He was furious the bananas in the house were green. He wanted a banana. Finally I gave him the entire bunch, so he could see they were all gross. He pulled each apart examining them to see if one was yellow. He yells BROKE. Later in the day I find every single green banana in the garbage can. When I found them I just had to laugh. I had expected that day to be horrible because he had to get a shot plus his blood drawn. To my shock he sat there perfectly calm when he had his blood drawn. He didn't cry or anything. I felt so proud of him. He was not too happy over his shot a little later. I bought him some yellow bananas later in the day. 

I try to take him with me to my doctor appointments, blood draws and he sees me give myself a shot often for MS. I tell him these are things we do to stay healthy. I also try to explain to him before hand what to expect. Normally it helps him, so he doesn't get so upset. 

He keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing every single day!