Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blessings during Stormy Times!

When I was in ND two of my cousins had these adorable peep toe booties. They wore them with shorts and jeans. They were just adorable! I really wanted a pair. Problem was they were sold out in the stores. I told Amy and Lisa I was going to steal them if they wore them around me. I found them on Amazon and added them to my wish list. Once I came back home I didn't really think much about them except when I would look at my wish list.

I had been having a rough week when I got a package from my cousin. I opened the card and it was from my aunt and cousins in ND. Inside the box were the shoes! I stood in the kitchen crying. Even thinking about it now makes me all teary. They wrote me a sweet card. It was just what I needed at that time. 

The week before I had been at a thyroid cancer conference. The conference was AMAZING! We learned so much! BUT it was REALLY hard dealing with all the death. The first day of the conference I think I spent half the day crying. I just couldn't say much without a shaky voice. It was overwhelming seeing what this horrible disease has done to people. 

These shoes came just at the right time. Instead of having a rough day I spent the rest of my day thinking about the blessings in my life and playing with my little miracle boy.