Tuesday, November 1, 2016


A couple months back when I was in ND Lacey and I got matching tattoos on our wrists. We picked out a design that we both loved and then added our own touch to it. We wanted to have the thyroid cancer colors in the tattoo. When I actually told Lacey to book the appointment she was shocked! Shocked I was willing to get another tattoo and shocked I would put it on my wrist. I have 2 other tattoos, but I have them in place that I can keep covered. Previously I felt if you had a tattoo it should be in a place where you can cover it up. Maybe I am getting older and an attitude that I don't give a damn what other people think.

You know who the people are that judge the most about things? Usually the religious people. People usually become less judgmental by their own sins becoming public or by their kids. People have all these ideas of what their kids will not do or they won't allow their kids to do certain things. Now that 30 years have passed I look at those people who felt they would control their kids to be a certain way. Guess what those people kids did the majority of the things the parents tried to prevent.

In the past I have had family members who have tried to make me feel bad for how I lived. I was used an illustrations to their kids as what a bad "christian" I was and how the kids should not behave. When Art and I got engaged I got a lot of grief from "christian" people because of who I was marrying. People even told my mom that I should not be "allowed" to marry Art. :::insertmajoreyeroll:::

Recently I got some "looks" by a church person because I had on distressed jeans AND my tattoo was showing. I got stares and was made to feel very judged the entire evening for being ME. It was the first time that I was able to laugh about it. I thought lady one day you are going to eat crow!

In some ways I wish I could back to when I was in my 20's dealing with all this judgy crap! I want to go back with my 30 year old don't give a damn attitude. I would tell them to take their judgmental ways and shove it!