Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I have been searching Craiglist ads for a couple weeks now. I started looking this past weekend at washers & driers. I wanted to buy a washer & drier as a pair or from the same owner. I was hoping we could get a good deal and it would be less work to pick up 2 items.

I feel like we got a HUGE score tonight. We bought a washer & drier by Kenmore 400 series that is 6 months old for $300. They sell about $330-399 each at Sears. We picked them up this evening and they look brand new.

I think that is probably the end of our big purchases for awhile. Probably in the next 6 months we will buy a new fridge. I have a list of items I would like for the house, but that is another post. :)


mamakrystal said...

That's my girl! Always on the hunt for a bargain. Good job chica! ;-)