Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today I read Pioneer Woman's blog called Coming Home. It is dedicated to pictures of military men & women coming home. Such a moving post! The first few pictures made me smile thinking of families who felt such relief their loved ones made it home safely. Then I saw the fifth picture of the wife hugging her husband and the coffin draped in an American flag and I lost it.

My husband has taught me what a huge sacrifice veterans make for our country. Coming home from war can be a soldiers biggest struggle. Panic, nightmares, post traumatic stress disorder, friends they left behind, a war that still needs them, along with many other issues that follow these soldiers home.

When we first started dating my husband made it very clear there could be a chance he would have to go back to Iraq. I was scared for 2 years that he would have go to back to Iraq. He was lucky to make it out of there once alive and my biggest fear is would he come home safe again. The day he retired was a HUGE relief!

I feel so proud to have such a dedicated and wonderful veteran I call my husband!