Thursday, July 14, 2011


I listened to 2 episodes on Focus on the Family that discussed infertility.  I thought I would share the episodes since I found them helpful.  One out of every ten people deal with infertility.  Infertility is cruel, heartbreaking, ugly and frustrating. 


Elizabeth Layson said...

Thanks for sharing. Mushy time: Love you! :)

Crazy Town ND said...

I listened to both of the brought me back to many years ago when I was trying to get pregnant with you...the five miscarriages...losing your twin...listening to you and Billy pray for four years for a brother or sister...I cried for you and what you have sufferd over the last few years...and blaming myself for passing on my issues to matter what we question God and life and as your Mom I hurt for you and understand...I love you...I am thankful for people who share their aching hearts to help others...Love you bunches, Mom