Monday, July 25, 2011

Nothing tastes as good as seeing the scale go down!

My motto during the past 21 days has been - Nothing tastes as good as seeing the scale go down!
I must have said that to myself 10 times a day during difficult hungry days.  Today is day #21 that I have stuck to the HCG diet! No cheat days, stuck to the protocol and as of Sunday morning I am down 20.2 pounds.  I have lost 31.1 pounds since April 25.  Let me just brag on myself that 30 pounds in 3 months is AMAZING!

This past week has been the most difficult week along with the lowest weight loss for the week.  I hung in there and made it to 20 pounds!!!!  My goal was to lose 15-20 pound during the 21 days.  Once I got started I decided I wanted to lose 24.4 pounds to make it into another weight range.  I got a little hard on myself when I only was losing .1, .2 or .5 pounds instead of a pound a day.  I had to take a step back on Sunday & look at the whole picture.  Not only did I lose a pound a day on average, but I also gained amazing will power! 

I am a strong willed person when I want something...I do whatever it takes to get what I want.  I haven't had will power when it comes to my weight for years until 2011.  I had to deal with a BBQ & potlucks at work, Art making yummy food and Amber eating DOTS (my favorite).  I knew though those things smelled good, but they wouldn't taste good. They also weren't worth seeing the scale go up or not losing weight.  I have grabbed will power by the horns & held on! 

I had to go bra shopping this week.....I almost had a panic attack during the measurement.  I haven't seen this size in probably 10 yrs. Now why is it when I wore a large size bra they always had the small ones on that I am in the smaller size only the big sizes are clearance??? 

I will be starting round 2 of the HCG September 1.  My goal by December 31 is to lose an additional 40 pounds.  I know I can do this & be successful at making sure the weight stays gone! 


Crazy Town ND said...

I am extremely proud of you and your losses...will power...determination...Oh, yes I know how strong willed you can I have always said when put to good use it is a great quality!!! Keep going DOWN!!! When I was your age I had that kind of determination...where O where is it now?? MUAH!! Mom

Kendra said...

**Applause*** Keep up the good work!

Lil' Woman said...

Great job girl! :)