Monday, July 11, 2011

News Print Nails

I found another DIY item I had to try from Pinterest.  Pinterest is worse than all the blogs I read...too many great ideas I must try!  News print on finger nails.  I thought this was a cute idea & tried it. Super easy!

1. Paint your nails a neutral color. Let the polish dry completely before the next steps.

 2. Cut out 10 news print stripes. Get a shot glass & pour it half full of rubbing alcohol.

3. Dip your finger in alcohol & press the news print over your finger nail.

4. Paint a clear coat over the news print.  Wa-La!

I used Essie nail polish & top coat.  It lasted for an entire week. I loved it!


Carrie said...

I'm glad you tried it. I've been wanting to give it a shot but I wasn't sure it would actually work.

Crazy Town ND said...

Very cute!!! Love, Mom

Kendra said...

It turned out nice! Good job!!!!

graciepie said...

How cleaver! I love it!

Maria said...

Love it !