Friday, December 2, 2011

Riding is Serious Business!!!!

Sammy takes his roll as the passenger watch dog VERY serious!

If you are riding a bike watch out because protective Sammy will bark your ear off! He is not a fan of people riding bikes, other dogs walking or people walking down the road.

Every day he rides on the middle seat on the way to & from the inlaws. Sometimes if he gets too tired he will curl up in the passenger seat. I was in the seat, so he had to stand guard in the middle.

Yeah what do you want? I am trying to watch where were are going & you keep calling my name...hmmmm

While going around corners he leans on Art, so that he doesn't fall over. See below.....


Krystal said...

Buahahahha, that is hilarious. Oh how I would love to meet your little furbaby son!! lol

Crazy Town ND said...

Sammy is so funny and very sensitive...I love that little scruffy dog!! Mom

Kendra said...

Aw Sammy is so cute! He is a little dog with a big personality.