Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bart Happenings

On Monday this guy gets on the train in Oakland. I was standing in front of the map indicating where each line of trains travel too. He asked me to step aside, so he could see the map. Then he says SUPER loud I need to see where I am going so I don't end up in Temecula. I normally do not pay attention to what people say or make any comments, but today I did. I said oh well I am sorry to tell you this train isn't going all the way to Temecula. Oh here goes a conversation for about 10 minutes......

Crazy man: Oh we have some world travelers here. You actually know where Temecula is? 
Me: shake my head yes. 
Crazy man: he turns to my CW - do you know where Temecula is? 
CW: I have heard of the place

He turned around and wasn't paying attention to us for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden he whips around and starts the most random conversation. 

Crazy man: 
Do you girls follow fashion? 
Have you watched Anderson Cooper lately? 
Well the newest and hottest thing in LA is belly chains. 
Did you see them on Anderson Cooper?
I am a comedian from LA and I KNOW what is the latest fashion. 
You girls are married I see. Your husbands would go CRAZY if you put on a belly chain. 

CW & Me: ok....we aren't into belly chains

Crazy man: 
Your husbands would think you have been watching too many Lil' Wayne music videos if you came home with belly chains. 
Kept women should spice things up by wearing belly chains
Even big over weight people be wearing some belly chains in LA. They can get a big ol' chain to wrap around themselves.
You girls need to find a little dainty chain to wear though. 

bahahahahaha - from the Crazy Man - the entire train then REEKS of alcohol. 

Uh huh! That explains his crazy behavior he is drunk.

Luckily he got off at the next station. As he was getting off he yelled you ladies have a great evening and don't forget to get yourselves some belly chains. 

We just look at each other, shook our heads and said belly chains are so Janet Jackson. lol

Just another day in Bart Land!


LWLH said...

Such crazies :)