Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fair Food!

On Friday night Art and I went to the county fair. I had been waiting all day for a corn dog. Well boy did I get a corn dog. These things were HUGE! They were at least a foot long. I couldn't even finish the entire thing. It sure was yummy!

We had walked through numerous buildings. Art asked if I wanted anything else to eat. None of the other fried food sounded good. I did mention I would like something sweet. Well we walked out of one building and there was a food vendor selling deep heart attacks ie: fried Snickers, Oreos, Twinkies, peanut butter cups and who knows what else. My eyes got very big and I said Oh we have to try a deep fried snickers. Well it sure was yummy! It wasn't anything like I expected. It had a yummy sweet batter with melted chocolate and peanuts inside. mmmmmm

Us watching the fireworks!

We are planning to go back this week one night. I think I will stick to a normal size corn dog and stay away from the deep fried snickers. lol