Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Found it....

Remember this post about searching for a green dress like Zoey from The New Girl?  Well I have been searching for a green dress, since April 17. I thought I had found one on Oldnavy.com in the plus size department. I thought I would order it and see if it would work. No such luck! They didn't have my size left when I went to order it. Ugh I was so irritated I waited to buy it. 

I was in LA 2 weeks ago and went into Old Navy. Guess what they had the dress in the store - THE GREEN DRESS! I snatched them in different sizes to see which would fit best and headed to the dressing room. 

I <3 it!!!! 

It is super comfy, light weight for summer and adorable! I also bought some cobalt blue shoes at Target recently. I didn't have them with me in LA when I wore the outfit. I am pretty proud of my knock off outfit! I paid a lot less for the entire outfit including the shoes than the dress Zoey had on. 


LWLH said...

Very cute!!