Sunday, July 15, 2012

Danielle's Visit!

Well Danielle has been gone a month and I am just getting ready to making a post about her visit! We had such a great time while she was here! It was very relaxing and we didn't travel all over the state of California this round. 

We named her first trip "Oh I am Tired" and this trip is named "Oh My Belly". The first trip we went from Nor Cal to So Cal to Nor Cal and all over the tourist places in Nor Cal. It was ridiculous what we saw in 5 days. This trip we stayed in Nor Cal, but ate like we were on death row. 

Danielle said she didn't care what we did as long as we went to Sprinkles and the food trucks. She wanted to relax while she was in CA. Well here is how the vacation went!

All dressed up & ready to head to church

Sammy sure liked Nellie! She brought him his very favorite beef jerky! 

Off to Sprinkles we went to get some cupcakes! I think we each bought 2 or 3! These things are so delicious!

Then it was the attack of the food trucks! I haven't been back to a food truck, since she left a month ago. Ugh the thought of them still doesn't sound that great! We ate at food trucks 5 out of 7 days she was here. I am NOT kidding! I was stalking food trucks on twitter and chasing them down with my mustang! 

Mogo Korean BBQ Taco

Garlic Noodles & Filipino Chicken 

The above food pictures are only from one food truck visit. We would get things to share, so we could taste lots of stuff.  "Oh my belly!"

Memorial Day we went to the Winchester Mystery House. This was both of our first times touring the house. That woman was NUTS! She really needed to see a shrink. A physic told her once that the people who were killed by Mr. Winchester gun haunted her. She then tried to trick the ghosts by placing doors in weird spots throughout the house. Instead of tearing down a wall or door before a new room was built they would just build over the top of things. There are cupboards that are 1 inch deep, doors that go to no where, rooms you can go in one way, but can't reenter without going ALL the way around the house. It is just strange! If you ever are in the area check the place out. I do think it is a tour to go on once.  I do not plan to visit this house as many times as I have been to Alcatraz. 

Front of the Winchester Mystery House

Back on the Winchester Mystery House

Touring the house with our hard hats! If you go on the tour outside the house and in the basement you have to wear a hard hat. Luckily this part of the tour was only $5 because it was not very interesting. 

Us in front of the house.

Memorial Day evening we got talking about areas of the house I want to redo. I mentioned I want to paint all my kitchen cupboards. Danielle then mentions she has been painting houses on the side and we could easily paint the cupboards in one day. I think I asked her 100 times if she was sure she wanted to do it on vacation. Danielle took off all the cupboard doors, while I worked in the morning. When I finished working we ran off to Lowe's to buy supplies. 

I will be posting pictures of the kitchen in another post. We painted on Tuesday and put almost all the doors back up that night. The kitchen is sooooo much brighter! I love it because if I get food or dirt on the cupboards I can now just wipe them off. I am not sure when or if I ever could have gotten that project done. THANK YOU NELLIE!!!!

Thursday the weather was claiming to be 70 in SF, so we decided to wait until then to head to freezing city! I had a marvelous idea of taking Bart to the city and then the trolley car to Fisherman Wharf. 

Us riding on Bart! 

Danielle and my mom are the first 2 people I sent all my Bart stories back when I first started riding. Danielle wanted to ride on Bart, so off we went to the city. It was a pretty calm day on Bart. Not too many crazees. 

When we arrived in the city I guess a school was on a field trip. The line for a trolley was at least a block long. I suggested we walk a little ways and then jump on the trolley. bahahaha what a crazy idea! The trolleys never emptied off enough for us to get on. We walked up hill 5-7 blocks. We were huffing and puffing after each hill. The pictures below don't even do the city street justice. One of the streets was so steep we had to stop half way up. Poor Nellie had a cold, so she could barely breathe. 

By the time we got to the top of the hills, the rest of the walk to Fisherman Wharf was all down hill. We figured we could use the exercise from all the food we had been eating. 

Ghirardelli Square - Hot Fudge Sundays

Us on the trolley!

The trolley was PACKED full of people. We were lucky enough to grab to seats. 

Friday rolls around and we were watching TV. Guy Fieri was on the Nate Berkus show. Danielle mentions how she would have liked to have gone to his restaurant. I told her I wish she had told me earlier because a new one opened up near by. I called the place to see if they had an early reservation to get us in. Danielle was leaving Friday around 11pm to take a red eye home. 

Luckily they had a 5pm reservation available. Off we flew to Johnny Garlics!

Our waitress asks us where we are from. Nellie mentions she is visiting from Michigan. The waitress then asked if she was my mom. I busted up laughing! Does she really look old enough to be my mom? lol!!!! Most people think we are the same age. When my cousins met her they couldn't figure out if she was Lacey age or my age. lol Well this chick thought she was closer to my moms age. Poor Nellie! 

Garlic Onion Tortilla Stack

I got the - Buffalo Meatloaf Sandwich

Danielle got the - Guy’s Big Bite Burger

We then went home, Danielle packed up the rest of her stuff, we sat around holding our bellies and off we went to the airport. I was very sad to see her leave. We always have so much fun together. Oh we also did play a lot of Scrabble and Skip Bo. A visit isn't complete without Scrabble!


Crazy Town ND said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I miss both of you so much!! Mom

Kendra said...

This post made me very hungry! Looks like fun! So cute how she names her visits.