Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Queen of Bargains!!!!

I really like the Tippi Sweater from J Crew in neon pink. Do you see a trend here with the neon pink? Well I thought I need to calm my neon pink purchases down a little. I really don't need another sweater.  I have this thing for J Crew clothes. Back in the days when I lived in ND from about 12-16 I use to get J Crew catalogs in the mail and I LOVED their clothes. I use to always dream of the day I could afford to purchase their clothes. Well guess what now I can fit into their clothes and I can afford their clothes on SALE. lol

On Saturday Art asked if I wanted to go check out the new thrift store that just opened down the street from us. Well when do I ever turn down shopping even if it's at a thrift store?  A person would have to be crazy to say NO to shopping! Plus if I found something at the thrift store 90% of the time I can justify buying it because it's at a discounted price. 

Well I was wondering around the thrift store and what do I find?  A Tippi v-neck gray sweater!!! I snatched that sucker right up!  It was marked $4.99. Who could go wrong with a J Crew sweater for $4.99. I looked it over really well to make sure there weren't any stains, tears, holes, snags etc. The sweater looked in great condition to me.  When I got up to the register the guy said all the clothes were 30% off today.  Whooooopppp!!!!! I snagged that sucker for $3.50. AMAZING! It is in the pile of laundry right now, so I didn't get a picture. It is just like the picture below, but v-neck. 

Siri on my iPhone calls me Queen of Bargains....there is a reason she calls me that! I am THE queen of bargains. 


Krystal Regueiro said...

Bowing down to the Queen of Bargains!! Love it!

Crazy Town ND said...

I have been wearing neon pink for over two years...people know me for my pink...even write in pink pen at work!! Mom