Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Poor Sammy

My poor little boy has been scratching his back for the past couple weeks. We have given him baths, checked for fleas, and look to see if there was something bothering him. Over the weekend Amber saw him scratching. She felt around and thought she felt something. She took him outside and shaved right above his tail. 

Poor little guy has "hot spots" sores above his tail. We have to treat the sores until they heal. He got a dose of flea medication. We had to buy him a donut to wear around his neck, so he will stop scratching. He is sooooo upset that he has to wear the donut. He has been laying around pouting or trying to rub to get it off his neck. I feel so that he had these sores and we didn't know. 


He refused to look at me in the truck after I put the donut around his neck. 

He came in the house, went to the bed, laid down and pouted for a couple hours. 


Kendra said...

Aw! Poor Sammy! I think its so cute how he wouldn't look at you with the donut on. He has so much personality! I can't wait to meet him one day!