Saturday, July 14, 2012

Last Weekend Haul!

I was able to get some FANTASTIC deals!!!  

Victoria Secret has their semi-annual sale going on right now. I found a night gown for $10. It is gray & long sleeved. Similar to the one below. I love these night gowns. They are super comfy!

My deal at Ulta has to be the best deal I have ever gotten possibly in my lifetime. 
Ulta had their brand of make up on sale. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their eyeliner. It was on sale for $1. I decided to go stock up for the year. I picked up 11 black eyeliners, 1 black brown and 1 gray. When I got up to the counter the girl told they were buy 2 get 2 free and I should grab 3 more. The total at this point was  $8. I used a $3 coupon, so my grand total with tax was $5.44. I have enough eyeliners to last me 2 years. 

Yesterday I mentioned I bought a neon pink skirt at NY & Company. I also bought a black skirt too. I bought both skirts for $32.00. I really love the style and fit of these skirts. They are very flattering.