Tuesday, July 10, 2012

White Jacket

A couple weeks ago Art and I stopped at a church garage sale. I found a green button up shirt and this white jacket for a grand total of $8 bucks. The quality of both pieces was really good, so I didn't mind spending $8 for second hand items. 

The white jacket had potential. I knew the buttons had to be changed and the beading HAD to go! Buttons are easy enough to change and I figured I had some at home. The beading I examined to see if I could just pick it up without messing up the pockets. I brought it home, made my changes and Wa-La I have a white jacket! I had been looking at a white jacket at Banana Republic, NY & Co and a couple other stores. They wanted $50-100 bucks. I think my garage sale find is just perfect!

Jacket Before

Pocket Before

After - I had steamed it at this point. Laying it down might not have been the best option for taking a picture. 

My July 1st Sunday outfit!

 I am glad I waited to buy a jacket and was able to save $$$$. Have you found any treasures recently at a second hand store or garage sale?


Kendra said...

Good job! Very nice jacket!