Saturday, June 29, 2013

All American Hunk

The little man came to visit Grandpa and Mimi last Saturday. He was so happy and was giggling away most of the day. He has realized when he comes to Grandpa and Mimi house nap time shouldn't happened because there is way too much excitement going on. 

I need to make him a tshirt that says Mimi is the best, but this one will do for now. =)

He lets these glasses stay on his face for about 10 seconds then he is grabbing at them. He gets very excited when I put sunglasses on him. His arms start flying around, kicking his feet and then he grabs them. 

Kaleb is now 6 months old. He is starting to sit up, ticklish, laughs, rolls all over, eats food, babbles, first tooth has poked in and tries to sing. He was singing to the tv on Saturday. It was SUPER cute! Typical little kid he likes to do things until I pull out the phone to record him. lol