Saturday, June 22, 2013


We are having a garage sale on June 29 at the in laws. Last Saturday I wanted to go through the garage because there is a lot of stuff out there we need to get rid of. Art suggested I go through my closet while he ran to Lowe's. He is very nervous to leave me alone in the garage. I honestly don't know why because I haven't ever thrown his stuff away. I told him it wasn't necessary for me to go through my closet because I didn't have anything to get rid of. Well see the picture below for the small pile of stuff I found. 

I found a pile of clothes that no longer fit. I don't know why I have been hanging onto some of this stuff. I found distressed capris in 3 different sizes. Everything I got rid of is all too big. I found a few purses to get rid of too. Some of them are just not my style anymore and it will be a very long time before they come back into style. 

I also went through the spare bedrooms. I bought a lot of decorating stuff at the thrift stores, garage sales and stuff I got on freecycle. It is now time to declutter the closets. No reason to hold on to this stuff.


Crazy Town ND said...

My whole house needs this come over please it will take two weeks LOL!! MOM