Thursday, June 6, 2013

Welcome Emilio!

I was in LA a couple weeks ago for work and while I was there I was able to visit Krystal after she gave birth to baby #2. It was a little boy Emilio. The plan was for Nami and I meet to visit Krystal. We didn't tell Krystal our friend Elisa would be flying into town to also visit! It was a very exciting night!

Elisa, Krystal, me, Elena, Emilio and Nami

Little Emilio was very hungry and wasn't amused by the fact we wanted to look at him. lol


Top 2 pictures are from April 2012 when Elena was born
Bottom 2 pictures are from May 2013 when Emilio was born

Congratulations again to Eric and Krystal on little Cupcake! I can't wait to go back to So Cal to visit Cookie and Cupcake!


Crazy Town ND said...

How special!!!