Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Endangered Rocks!

Art has been working hard to get the front yard in better shape. He has raked up all the rocks, sifted through them to get rid of the dirt, laid a tarp down so the weeds can't go through. We needed additional rocks to fill in a bare area, so we went to buy some rocks. We have Ginger Rocks or something along that name. I feel like some of these things only happen in California. The rock guy told us the quarry was shut down. He has no idea how long the quarry will be shut down because they found an endangered lizard. 

We possibly might be able to get the rocks we need in a month or in 3 months. No one has any idea when the quarry will open again. Unbelievable! Lesson learned again. Stop procrastinating and get a stinkin job done!

These rocks are available, but they are NOT the right color!

I have no idea what these machines are, but Art wanted a picture of them! I guess they had something to do with yard work or rocks.